• Inspection Services

    Inspection Services

    New Construction, Multi-family, Insurance Reports.

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  • 90 Day Warranty

    90 Day Warranty

    All of our residential home inspections include a optional 90-day home warranty.

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  • Temperature and Moisture Detection

    Temperature and Moisture Detection

    Thermal imaging cameras are excellent tools for home inspections because they can point out issues such as water leaks, moisture, air gaps & insulation gaps, overloaded electrical services & heat loss.

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About Custom Inspections

A home inspector is a professional trained to evaluate and inspect real estate in order to educate the client on the condition of the property.

Custom Home Inspections are non-invasive, visual examinations which are designed to identify observed building component defects. Components include mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, or other essential systems or portions of the home, as identified and agreed to by the Client and Inspector, prior to the inspection process.

Results of the inspection are conveyed to the client in an electronic home inspection report that describes and identifies the structures and components of the dwelling and material defects observed. Inspection reports may contain recommendations regarding conditions reported or recommendations for correction, monitoring or further evaluation by professionals.

It is common for the buyer to take the responsibility for hiring the professional home inspector for a verification of the condition of a property after a property offer has been made.  The Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) standards are met on all inspections performed. Inspection reports are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.

Home Inspections for Tampa and Surrounding Suburbs

Home Inspections for Tampa and Surrounding Suburbs

Custom Inspections is redefining inspection performance in the Tampa area. The use of infrared cameras enable our inspectors to help point out common sources of energy loss such as lack of insulation or weather-stripping and other items such as electrical hot spots and moisture problems.

  • Florida Certified Home Inspectors
  • Quick Turnaround Time For Report
  • Infrared Scan on Inspections
  • Decades of Experience
  • 90-Day Home Warranty Available